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Believe it or not, if you are having trouble in your life and don’t know what could be the possible reason for it, then it is the negative energy around which does affect you. Many people often become prey to negative energy simply with the negative mind or thoughts of other people who are jealous of the progress that you make. Now the question is if you want some Astrological remedies for removing negative energy and wondering where there is any way out, the good news is assertive. There are a handful of Vastu tips on how to remove negative energy which you can start following and see the difference with your own eyes. But before you start understanding How can I reduce negative energy in my home it is important that you need also start believing in yourself and try to stay positive about yourself. In the end, what matters the most is how confidently you deal with all of it.

How can I get positive energy at home?

The very first thing that must be hitting your mind when you start experiencing negative things in life is how can I reduce negative energy in my home. The good news is there are some mantras that are advised by Indian Vashikaran. Those are not just effective but you can see the results in a few days. These mantras are very easy to pronounce. But to get positive results out of it, you need to be a believer of the same as well. Here are a few things you should be doing when it comes to getting positive energy at home. It is time that you take such things seriously. Make sure you follow them in the right manner and as advised for number of times in a certain week or even during a month. It is not just helpful but you can see the results too.

There are a few things at house that you need to make changes. It could be that those things must be lying around at your home for a long time but you must have ignored them or they skipped your mind. That is why, below tips on How do you turn negative energy into positive can be done for better changes.

“Om Tatpurushaay Vidmahe Vidmahe Mahadevaay Deemahi Tanno Rudrah Prachodayat”

Consider the above mantas as one effective astrological remedies for cure. It is avery helpful vastu shastra remedies will remove negative energy.

Never enter the house with your shoes in. Your home is like a temple and you must respect it. Remove your shoes outside. It is fine if you get them inside but never wear them and enter. You might want to get those shoes out and then carry them in your hands and directly put them inside the shoe rack instead of simply letting them be on the if you are wondering how can i get positive energy at home, this is the right approach.

It is very important to get rid of all the spider webs and the dust. This is a sign of negativity and the laziness that one carries in life. A clean environment in the house welcomes positivity and eradicates all the negative effects of life. It is very important that you focus more on keeping your home clean, cleaning the floor every day and also the wall. Automatically the problems of the web and spiders would go off. This is the most helpful tip on how can I reduce negative energy in my home.

Always welcome the light. The positive effect that the sun gives you is altogether a different experience. And if you haven’t been welcoming that then you are missing out on the best part of life. It is important that you focus on letting the early morning sun rays enter the house. It kills the germs and considering the health your body gets the necessary vitamin D as well which is equally important. As you get the home lighted with natural sun rays, you can start sensing the difference immediately. This is one of the efficient tip on how do i redirect negative energy.

Follow the mantra that is shared below as a part of simple vastu tips to get rid of all the negative energy. This is a very powerful mantra which can boost up your overall lifestyle and make sure you have a better result in less time.

“SurvarnamMuktam Loke Bhakti Mukti PradamTatham, Apritam Tav Devesh DaniyarGyanaPanuttye.” Spell this mantra 108 times a day and wear gold on your body.

Along with following the mantra, you might want to make some little changes in the house. While cleaning your home, try to get rid of the broken glasses and also the torn clothes. These are a few things that easily grabs the negative energy. If there is any unpleasant odour because of the stale food, you might want to throw it off soon. Give your home a better fragrance with some good essential oil which also boosts the overall energy.

“Om bhūr bhuvaḥ suvaḥ


bhargo devasyadhīmahi

dhiyo yo naḥ prachodayāt”

The above-given tips to remove negative energy from home can be helpful for you. But at times, you may have to redirect the negative energy. Given below are the smart tips for doing it. But remember, these tips can only work if you believe in them and follow them in the right manner. There are also some efficient mantras that are tagged alone. These mantras are quite powerful simply because of the positive result which it offers. Also, As per the Indian Vashikaran, to get negative energy attention is quite easy but to divert it and stay protected from it, one needs to stay positive within so that nothing would ever cause harm.

How do I redirect negative energy?A simple vastu tips to get rid of all the negative

Now that you know how to deal with negative energy, you might want to also understand if there is any way out to divert it. The first and foremost thing that we should learn is the mantras. There are some effective mantras that you need to follow along with certain crucial aspects associated with it. This includes:

“Om Sat Chit Ananda Para


ParAmatma Sri BhagirathiSametha

Sri BhagavatheNamaha.

“Hang Hanumate RudraAtmakaay

Hung Phatt.”

“Om NamoBhagavataAnjaneya



Shree Ram DootaayaNamah”

Also, there is another effective mantra that works. You might want to do it and if there is any doubt while reading or pronouncing it, start slowly and as you gasp up the real words, you might want to continue it in a regular tone. Here is the mantra that works effectively. If you find any symptoms of negative energy at home this mantra is helpful.

“Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Pahimam Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Rakshmam”

Along with the mantras that are shared above, you must also try to focus on other things that can divert the entire negative energy from not just you but your loved ones too.

Don’t wear black clothes all the time. Just the way black absorbs heat it also absorbs negative nerdy. That is why it is always better to wear light colours or warm colours like white which is welcoming and pleasant to the eye and also can help to get rid of the negative energy that ever has a possibility of affecting you.

Stay away from the people that never were good to you. It is important to do so because often people with bad thoughts or jealousy of you or your success can have a negative eye on the progress that you make. If you have ever met such people in your life then it is better not to talk about your progress with them or even stay away from them for your own good. The better you eliminate such people from your life, the better it would be for you in long run.

Welcome the wind because those bring goodness. It is always better to keep your home ventilated because the negative energy if there is any can always get washed off with the wind while the positive energy would always get in with it. As you start following it, you shall experience the difference on your own.

It is better to incorporate more mirrors. This is the most effective yet the best tip that you can ever get on vastu tips to remove negative energy from home.This is one of the easy ways and can always help you add up the positive energy too. It also helps to clean your mind and add positive vibes around the home. But also, make sure you avoid any kind of object that comes with sharp edges.

Simple Vastu tips to get rid of all the negative energy

If you bring a better change within you and the place where you are staying then no negative effect can ever harm you. And if you have been looking for the smart astrological remedies for mental peace which can give you a great boost then here are the effective things you should be doing right now. These are not just any random tips but the better way to reset your life in the place you are living on a positive note. If you bring these changes you shall start experiencing the difference yourself. Here’s what you need to do:

Use colors smartly:

One of the crucial astrological remedies for negative thoughts you must be doing is to use the colors. It is believed that colors have an influential impact on the overall energy that is stored in the house. Even the Vastu advises there are some colors that do have a good impact as it attracts positivity at home. Every home direction is highly influenced by certain colors. But the adverse colors can often bring negative vibes. That is why, if it’s the north-west direction then blue color, the south-east direction should have orange, red should for the south while yellow should be in the direction of the southwest which is considered to be the ideal color.

Follow the given below mantras as a part of an efficient astrological remedies for mental peace

 “Japakusumsankasham Kashypeyam Mahadhyutim

 Tamorim Sarvapaapagnam Prantosmi Divakaram”

Religious Symbols

Whether or not you believe it, yes, religious symbols do have great importance to eradicate the negative energy from the house. You can keep the picture of the god you like or believe in. You might want to also chant certain mantras like the one given below as one efficient tip.

“Om Aing Hring Hanumate Ramdutay Lankavidhvansnay Anjani Garbh Sambhutay Shakini Dakini Dakini Vidhvanssnay Kilikili Bubukaren Vibhishanay Hanumaddevay Om Hring Shring Haung Ha Phat Swaha”

Also, Indian vashikaran believes that just the way powerful mantras have their effect, as a part of lal kitab remedies for negative thoughts you might want to even place the tight items ad symbols such as pyramid mantras and god pictures to grab the auspicious energy at home and get rid of all the negativity around you.

It needs to be well ensured that the room of pooja is very well built in the direction of the northeast of the house to make it more compliant with the Vastu. Further, there are religious symbols such as elephants if you place them within the home in a strategic way that can help to amplify and improve the energy at the entrance. This would further result in the removal of the negative vibes from the house around too. You can always recite the mantras share below on your own or use the electric gadgets which are very strong. This would neutralize the negative energy completely and you can actually sense it.

Turn the Room in Yellow

Color does play an important role in getting rid of negative energy. As said earlier warm or light colors can be quite helpful but also there are many colors like yellow which can actually eliminate the negative energy. It not just jeeps the bad energy away from the home but also add better space and element with a friendly tone of it.

Salt Corners of Each Room

This is important way to deal with signs of negative energy in a person like any other idea that you may have seen earlier. The salt if put in all the corners of the house can help to soak you the cold energies which might be present in the room due to the previous owner. You can also trash or vacuum the sale after 48 hours of this practice.

 Avoid Sharpened Corners

This should be the key rule for the Vastu to eliminate the sharp edges if there are any or any kind of angles which exists. But also, you may wonder about the possible reason on how it could eliminate the bad energy. It is believed that blunting the corners is not an easy task but surely it is quite worth it. You are advised to choose some good round shape lamp or even decorate the area with objects that are circular in shapes such as a round table, jewellery box or even bases. It would eventually divert the negative energy and bring in the positive one within you.

You can also follow such tips and mantras on how to remove negative energy from home in hindi. It is pronounced very smoothly. It is also effective way to deal with signs of negative energy in a person.

Get rid of Unusual Paintings and Artifact

Any entry frame or the frame with an unusual painting is a sign of negative energy and you must get rid of it immediately. As a part of dealing with signs of negative energy in a person you need to follow this right after you read it. Negative energy can grow deep if there is any kind of picture that shows the fight among the family members or there is paintings which show sadness or grief. There are artifacts such as the Taj Mahal which are not considered a good omen because it does draw negative energy to the house. Also, items like broken glass, cactus plants and mirrors can be negative too.


The tips and ideas that are shared above on vastu tips to get rid of all the negative thoughts can be useful as long as you are dedicated and pay attention to the way mantras need to be recited. Also, there are so many interesting things you should be doing such as listening to some peaceful music and performing meditation which is going to be really helpful for you. Give yourself some time, follow the tips, be patient and think positive and see how things around you will have positive changes which would bring peace and happiness too. Such mantras can followed to deal with symptoms of negative energy at home in hindi. You can even recite it in your way as per your convenience but make sure it is pronounced in the right way.

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